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iVIS in Banks & ATM

Your bank might be very customer friendly, but are your customers really feeling safe? It’s a sad reality that we see many fraudulent activities, thefts and vandalism in banks and ATMs these days. At present, most of the surveillance cameras and monitoring systems, only report crime after its occurrence; they do not prevent it. What if you knew you could improve the safety and security of your bank and increase customer confidence by the addition of a better, more reliable video surveillance system? iVIS provides holistic security and custom monitoring solutions based on your bank’s need. It can go a long way in increasing your customers’ confidence with the bank. Because of its high efficacy and cost-effectiveness, iVIS is a trusted surveillance solution across many banks in India. At present,
our e-surveillance solutions are implemented in over 10000+ ATMs and bank offices

Foolproof Security at Your Banks and ATMs

At iVIS, we have innovated a proactive security system that raises an alarm even before the occurrence of a crime, keeping the local emergency authorities and police in the loop, thereby preventing any untoward event. iVIS surveillance system uses a combination of the best of e-surveillance technology, 24x7 real-time monitoring service and multiple onsite interventions. Our clients have seen 98% reduction in theft and vandalism and 70% reduction in costs. iVIS surveillance camera equipment can be programmed for important video analytics such as virtual trip wires, that raise alarm when someone tries to cross these virtual lines, face recognition to allow only authentic people to enter a particular zone, masking in surveillance sensitive areas, etc. Scroll down to know how iVIS can help tighten your bank’s security


To avoid unnecessary and wrong alerts from ATMs, areas of interest can be masked-in. The surveillance equipment is programmed such that alarm is raised only if there is a change in your area of interest


Our proprietary software, iVIGIL, a state-of-the-art video monitoring and command center management solution provides useful video analytics solutions, such as:

• Daily footfall reports, motion analytics, monthly summary of intrusions and related video clips.
• Facial recognition of customers and linking this to prior information in order to apprehend those involved in any bank fraud.
• Searching video footage for specific bank transactions and images of particular individuals.
• Seamlessly combining camera data from various geographic locations and providing consolidated reports.
• Triggering PA messages / alarms to warn if more than one person per machine enters an ATM


In the event that a criminal vandalizes or tampers with your bank security camera, integrated vibration sensors immediately send an alarm to multiple people including the nearest police. The data previously recorded will be safe, with the redundant back-up measures in place.


Our virtual security guards monitor your facilities closely 24x7. In case of any suspicious activities, alarm is raised using sirens, strobes and custom audio messages warning the intruder. Along with this, the site supervisor and the neighboring police station are immediately intimated, preventing theft and vandalism even before it starts. You will also have LIVE access to the video footage via phone or web. Real-time virtual monitoring avoids the occurrence of false alarms.