Storage Yard iVIS Safe

iVIS in Storage yard

Storage Yards and warehouses spread over extensive areas can be challenging to keep an eye on all the time. It can seriously increase your security costs and it can also be difficult to get a dependable supply of quality security guards all the time. Present day wired security cameras could be difficult to install and maintain in large facilities, just because of the logistics involved. iVIS surveillance equipment has the big advantage of being completely mobile. It can be easily installed anywhere within minutes as it uses wireless and IOT technology and maintained at ease with remote health check solutions. We have been successful in preventing crimes and theft even before it starts, with our e-surveillance solutions that are based on the best use of latest innovations in technology and human intelligence.

Peace of Mind with Foolproof Security

Drop your anxiety of thefts and loss, we assure you peace of mind. Deter pilferages and feel secured about the safety of goods in your storage yards. In storage yards that involve lengthy rows of inventory stacked up, it can be very easy for thefts to happen. It becomes a big challenge even to locate a suspect. In such a case, just one surveillance camera can help cover an entire stretch of inventory. PTZ cameras can pan-tilt and zoom and can be used in high-traffic and high-risk areas. Using iVIS surveillance equipment, virtual trip wires can be implemented around your premises that raise alarm when someone tries to cross these virtual lines. Along with this, our virtual security guards monitor your facilities closely 24x7. In case of any suspicious activities, the guard remotely raises an instant alarm using sirens, strobes and 2-way custom audio messages warning the intruder. This usually scares the intruders away. In case the intruder persists, the virtual guard informs the site supervisor and the neighboring police station immediately such that the suspect is deterred from committing the crime.


With iVIS surveillance, false alarms don’t disturb you. Face recognition, advanced cameras and our remote monitoring take care of not bothering you unnecessarily


In case you have multiple warehouses, our customizable software, iVIGIL, can seamlessly combine data from different cameras spread over different geographical areas and share LIVE footage and required reports.


Smart sensors instantly trigger an alarm at the first sign of smoke, With the help of iVIS surveillance systems powered with thermal video technology, you’ll be able to ensure that your site is safe and flame-free. And, should a fire ever break out on your property, our virtual guards alert the local authorities at the first sign of smoke, avoiding damage.


If a suspect throws a stone at the camera, immediate data back up is enabled. Along with this, virtual security guards trigger PA messages, strobes and sirens and inform the local area supervisor and the neighboring police to deter him from doing any further crime.