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Indeed the security at bank zones has often been the tipping talking point amongst the public today, thanks to the frightening incidents of theft and robbery. The safety of customers has become a grave matter of concern. Bank administrations across the industry are facing challenges in dealing with security issues at bank premises, ATMs, cash counters, lockers, vandalism of infrastructure etc.

Welcome to iVIS - Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System - the smarter security system!

So far surveillance cameras & monitoring systems have been reporting crime after the event occurrence; At Provigil, we have innovated a Proactive security system iVIS, which raises alarm before the occurrence of crime and there by preventing the untoward.

iVIS is a complete holistic security solution offered with a single-point vision for high-quality security, which is the need of the hour everywhere.

iVIS is a combination of high quality technology, real time monitoring service & multiple onsite interventions. Virtual guards monitor facilities closely 24x7 and in case a theft, alarm is raised using sirens, strobes and custom audio messages warning the intruder. Besides which the site supervisor is informed and the neighbouring police station is intimated in lightning speed there by preventing the crime before it even starts.

Salient Features

  • Custom Equipment which combines Video, Audio, Alarms, Sensors & Internet technologies into one
  • Proprietary Software package which provides analytics & prompt warning on potential theft
  • Virtual guard Services to monitor the premises 24x7
  • Live access to owners via web or iPhone
  • Daily & Monthly custom reports


  • Popular with over 5000 installations globally
  • Improves Security Efficiency incredibly
  • Very Cost-Effective. Saves 70% over security guards
  • No false alarms
  • Free trial available in most areas
  • Guaranteed theft prevention or your money back

Sounds too good to be true. Isn't it? Try it out yourself and upgrade security at your banks & ATMs for enhanced customer experience !

iVIS - A Complete Video Surveillance Solution for Banks & ATMs

With iVIS's online Intensive Monitoring of real time video footage by trained security personnel - Virtual Guards - theft and robbery is reported at split of a second and alarm is raised in Banks & ATMs therefore preventing theft and vandalism before it even happens. Following are the core components of iVIS solution for Banks & ATMs

iVIS Hardware

  • Digitall combining video, audio, alarms & sensors
  • Works on low bandwidth
  • Portable and can be mounted even on a wall or stacked in a shelf
  • Works on 3G / WiFi / RF
  • On Device storage for 6 months to 1 year
  • Unlimted storage on Cloud
  • Power back up for 30 minutes
  • Two way Audio for hotline from call center to ATM
  • Alarms, Sirens & PA messages to warn the intruders
  • Motion, Vibration Sensors for tracking visitors & any break-ins
  • iVIS Hardware Security Equipment

iVIS Software

  • iVIGIL, a state of art Video Monitoring and Command center Management solution
  • iVIGIL blends real time monitoring and remote deterrents
  • Seamlessly combines cameras from various geographic locations
  • Motion analytics and tracking of visitors
  • Offers Live access to customers on their smart phones and browsers
  • Daily Foot fall reports & Monthly summary of intrusions and related video clips
  • iVigil Video Surveillance Software

iVIS Services

  • Live Monitoring - for 24x7 watch on Banks & ATMs
  • Event Monitoring - based on alerts & analytics from sensors & software for low activity sites
  • Guard tours - Periodical virtual tour of sites at regular intervals
  • Video archive & retrieval services
  • Custom Monitoring services

Time to Choose iVIS. Time to Choose Smarter Security System!!

Get in touch with us today!, as we would love to take a step with you towards safety and security.