iVIS Safe

iVIS in Construction

The best algorithms in the analytical world won’t be half as effective as human surveillance when it comes to outdoor environments like construction areas. iVIS’s unique blend of advanced technology closely integrated with human intellect and judgement had reduced theft and vandalism by more than 98 % in construction areas. It also has eliminated multiple annoying false alarms in these domains.

• Eliminate theft and vandalism – Guaranteed

• Eliminate annoying false alarms

• Use as a project and safety monitoring tool

Peace of Mind with Foolproof Security

We guarantee you peace of mind with our foolproof security solutions. Our simplified solution for theft prevention ensures safe working site for your employees and visitors, keeps intruders and petty criminals away, helps monitor the construction process for increased efficiency, saves you money by preventing liability lawsuits amongst many other benefits. iVIS surveillance equipment is completely mobile. Since it can be used in places with no power or wired Internet, it can be an ideal solution for construction site surveillance.

Along with this, our virtual guards monitor your site 24x7 and use remote deterrents to scare off potential thieves and prevent crime. You also get a big advantage to check on your construction site via any web device at any point in time. Along with this, you get to customize our range of video analytics solutions to suit your needs. Do you need anything more for saving your peace of mind?


Prevent any major mishaps due to fire or smoke in your sight. Even at the first sign of smoke, the smart sensors promptly send an alert to you and the monitoring center. Our virtual guards instantly inform the local emergency authorities such as ambulance and fire brigade well in time before the incident can become fatal.


In the event that a criminal vandalizes or tampers with your site security camera, integrated vibration sensors immediately send an alarm to multiple people including the nearest police. The data previously recorded is safe, with the redundant back-up measures in place.


Our 24x7 virtual guards are on continuous vigil and promptly inform the site supervisor the moment they see something tending to go wrong in the site. Even in case an accident was too fast to prevent, it will allow you to look back on the video footage and identify the cause, people who were involved, and allow you to come up with a solution for preventing the incident in the future.


Construction tool thefts can cause huge project delays. You not only lose days of work, you also lose money by paying your team to work they can't do! Preventing any theft can be a huge blessing to save you time and money.


Saves you a lot of time that you don’t need to be on the site everyday, but still know all that is happening and how your team is performing. This might even prevent any team worker to have a laid-back or halfhearted attitude, motivating them to be extremely productive.