Provigil To Launch Security Products IFSEC in India

Addressing a meeting, Murali Rachapoodi, COO, Provigil Surveillance, said “These products will provide complete security solutions including 24/7 remote surveillance with alarm triggers to prevent the crime/theft from happening instead of just recording it.”

The two appliances are as part of an intensive vigilance and remote intervention system (iVIS). Mr.Murali also expressed proudly about the services being already provided at some bank ATMs, Hyderabad Metro Railway yards and advertising agencies from last six months. Provigil offers the iVIS (Intensive Vigilance and Intervention System) range of security products.

Photo Description: Murali Rachapoodi of Provigil displays the Hawk, a theft detection system, in Hyderabad. At right is Verghese V. Joseph , Director -Security, UBM India . — P.V. Sivakumar.

The new products operate on a camera lease model and nearly over 3000 cameras globally are manned round the clock remotely.

Mr.Murali further added to the end note that the demand for security appliances/services in the market is steadily growing and is estimated at about $500 million last year with an annual growth rate of 30 per cent.