iVIS Safe

iVIS in City

Can you imagine a city where the citizens live without any fears - fear of theft, vandalism and assault? iVIS has been working with governments and police departments to make this true for people. iVIS works with government bodies and police department to come up with a specific security plan for each city. Local police identify several critical areas in the city that need close monitoring. iVIS then equips all major traffic junctions with state-of-the art controllers and multiple cameras.

Depending on the need, Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) cameras, license plate and face recognition will be installed. Along with this, multiple intervention equipment like 2-way audio systems, remotely deployable sirens and strobes can be installed. Once installed, the system will enable the police to keep a close eye on its city from its control center. In case of any accidental emergency, the control center of each city immediately coordinates with the medical, fire and traffic departments for efficient management.


We have ensured that our systems are foolproof so that the security of the city is not compromised. Here is how advanced security system by iVIS has made numerous locations safe globally over the past 10+ years and can help your city too: The live video from multiple cameras across the city is made available to the police at the control room. As soon as a vandal tries to commit a crime, the police at the control room use 2 way audio and integrated interventions to warn the criminals and vandals immediately.

Even in the case that the criminal tries to run away, license plate and face recognition with the PTZ cameras at different locations help the police to resolve the cases quickly and prosecute the criminals effectively. The PTZ camera systems help the police to zoom in and follow the potential troublemakers effectively, preventing crimes before it starts!


The exact number of people at a specific location at any given time can be captured and recorded. This data becomes critical during any big gatherings and festivals


Illegal parking becomes a major concern in crowded and residential areas. The moment a car violates parking rules in a location, the alerted control center police proactively inform the traffic police to handle the situation instantly


Prevent any major mishaps due to fire or smoke in your city. Even at the first sign of smoke, the smart sensors immediately send an alert to the police at the control center. This helps the police to inform the local emergency authorities such as ambulance and fire brigade before the incident becomes fatal.


PTZ cameras installed at different locations in the city can identify the vehicles moving in wrong direction even from a fair distance. License plate recognition can be used to identify the owner and help the police to resolve the case efficiently